Jul 8, 2009

Imaginative Product Placement

Sometimes I'm accussed of having an overactive imagination, which I consider a compliment. Although most of the time it gets me in trouble rather than out. When I'm stressed and go through an unimaginative state, my subconcious tends to catch up with me in my dreams. Random is the only way I can describe it. Just last week I had a dream in which me and a group of friends went on a spiritual trip to the Himalayas and while we were there we went in search of my best friends boyfriend, who we found working in a WalMart at the top of the Himalayans. Missing the states too much has therefore forced me to go insane with random American product placement in my dreams. On the subject of WalMart I would also like to announce that they have also 'randomly' decided to tell Obama of their new proclaimed plans to benefit employees with health insurance. Who knew. Well anyways, after reflecting on this I found and artist online who features product placement in his artwork (featured on left) I hope you enjoy. Happy Dreaming!

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