Jul 26, 2009

I Heart Scandinavians

I am sad to say that this will be my last post for a month or a little less because I am getting knee surgery as of next week and will not know the outcome. So wish me well. Moving on to my post....

As you know I am a current American film student in Australia and have met the most interesting people at my international school. Within my first semester I noticed that a majority of film students were either Australian or Scandinavian. And I use the general term of Scandinavian loosely because many will argue of this technicality, mainly against the Swedish. I now know how to play a game called "Snokembogan," meaning Swede in reference to the loser of the card game. So now you get my point. 

So as I went from class-to-class my first semester I noticed a couple of Scandinavian men walking around the editing suites, who I did not see in any other classes. Later I learned that they were visiting returning students ( Tommy Wirkola and Stig Frode Henriksen) who had recently graduated and made a film in Norway titled Kill Buljo: The Movie. It was a spoof of Kill Bill and had become highly successful after flying to Hollywood and begging Tarantino to support the film, which he finally did. After the screening of Kill Buljo, they were excited to show us a clip of their current project that was still in production. This clip is now their highly successful film Dod Sno or in English Dead Snow. On the upper left corner features a trailer for the film. I'm sure after viewing you'll be saying 'are they serious?' And my answer is yes and no. If anyone has seen any Tarantino film or even Watchmen for that matter, our generation of filmmakers want you to know that we don't take ourselves seriously and if we do, it comes across as pretentious. So I hope you can enjoy their film for its enjoyful campiness.

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