Aug 1, 2009

Puppets on Shrooms

So I lied ... I could not separate myself from my blog.  I just love to write for you guys. Today I managed to take a break from my work and leave to go to the mall where I usually directly walk into Borders and flip through the over priced shelves of books I wish I could immediately put on my wish list on Amazon. Apparently you are able to do this with an iPhone, but I currently have no phone and no money. Welcome to my life. My phone has decided to break a month before I leave for the states and I refuse to buy a new distraction to my life.

After wandering through Borders I settled on the magazine section praying to see a new copy of Nylon, but I'm always disappointed. So I end up flipping through thousands of graphic design magazines that are more like glossy paged books. You might as well make them books because they're not much more expensive. Settling on a magazine I happily skip home with my friend and pop in the bonus DVD only to make me think I'm watching a trippier version of Yo Gabba Gabba! But I love it! The french pair Ben and Julia are power quirky team with a mix of illustration, Graphic Design, and live action. So if your life seems a bit boring these days this should spice it up: 

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