Jul 3, 2009

Heads You Win...Tails You Die

My knee has again taken a turn for the worse and I again attempt to call the doctor to reschedule my surgery date....for hopefully something within the next 2 weeks so I can get this bitch taken care of. Sorry for the language but It's been harder for me to look on the bright side these days with my being incapable of moving.

So in my incapacitated state I watched Domino, which I hadn't seen in a years time. It suited my predicament at this point because everything in the film is a life or death situation. Domino Harvey, played by Keira Knightley repeats the phrase "Heads you win, Tails you die." Of course the film is written by none other than Richard Kelley. Have you seen Southland Tales? I still question what was going on in that film.

Domino was in Richard Kelley's case a little more constrained than Southland Tales, focusing on the life of a sexy Bounty Hunter named Domino Harvey. It's easy to see why I love this film...I mean Buffy, hello? But, honestly the film is brilliant with the amount of background information covered within a 2 hour period unnoticed. Aside from my friends claim that it looks like a music video....I personally wouldn't have had it any other way. And I mean part of it is set in the beautifully fake Las Vegas.

What I did notice in the film was Domino's sense of style, which somewhat resembles what I wish I could pull off without being considered a dike. It screams badass and the nun chucks were a perfect accessory to her wardrobe. So here I give you a guide to looking like a badass Bounty Hunter:

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