Jun 23, 2009

Vegas Withdrawals

Lately I've been having a hard time finding positive things in Australia. First off, it is cold as hell and when there's no sun, there's nothing to do. I also have pondered the fact that all my American friends are enjoying their summer vacation while I slave away in more stress induced assignments. The one assignment I worked tediously on was not received well although it got great reactions from my peers. It involved a screening of a friend eating a cake that her roommate had thrown up in the night before. Gross out humor- always seems to deliver. Lets just say my teachers somewhat refused to comment.

So I'm also having sleeping problems that my roommates have more than likely noticed. I find myself wanting to sleep at anytime of the day. I want to tell them that I cant have less than 10 hours of sleep or I die of exhaustion, but that would put me in the category of a lame roommate. So I continue to slip into slumber around 9pm and wake bright and early in the morning to a silent apartment. I think my roommates are beginning to suspect that I am a robot. All I can say is that my next semester off in Vegas is beginning to look like a bright tunnel. Continuing my need for flashing lights I give you a compiled list of the very things I miss about my home in Vegas:

1. The North-West NASCAR lovin and green beer-drinking Irish Catholics. When I want to get away from the jaded west end I hit the 215 for a drive North. Which leads me to...
2. Driving with the windows down on 215. On the left I get a view of the strip and on my right I get another view of the red rock mountains, which are covered in snow during the winter months.
3. Valet parking wherever you go.
4. 24 hour service.
5. Driving my friends H3, blasting the bass and getting double takes by men who are surprised a girl my age can handle such a beast.
6. Having 115 degrees Fahrenheit weather and having only air conditioned casinos to cool off in.
7. My dogs, who I spoil way to much. Example: I once bought "doggles" convinced that they were essential for protection against the debris of ongoing traffic while panting out the window. My main motivation was the amount of "awwws" I received while driving down Las Vegas Blvd.
8. Prostitutes walking down Flamingo Rd. on a Sunday morning. ( This is not a pretty sight, but it adds clarity to my life.)
9. Going through the drive-thru at any Starbucks (including the one in China Town, which is decorated in oriental fashion).
10. Seeing a Lamborghini on every corner and forgetting that Las Vegas is made up of people who are the top 1% richest people in the entire world.

So the list goes on, but I don't want to bore you with the personal details.

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