Jun 21, 2009

Electro Hands ( A New Perfected Dance Move)

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This post is long overdue, but after receiving a massive amount of work and personal stress I felt like I needed a small break from the blogging life. So without any further ado, here is my new post that I hope you enjoy.

Coming to Australia I promised myself not pick up on the accent or partying ways. What I didn't expect coming here was that the selection in music was extremely different. The Australians have tried to follow our taste in TV and Film, but fail miserably. What do you expect though when America murders everyone in that industry department. Going from bar to bar and club to club I discovered something different or unique to Australia's taste and that was music.

The only music America tends to associate with Australia is AC/DC, but when "Back In Black" blares from the speakers of a local bar you're sure a few too many people roll their eyes and walk past *aside from your average Bogan (the American equivalency of trailer).* What you don't know is that the music taste is different and somewhat refreshing to the typical American play list, which usually consists of Lil Wayne's new incoherent single. And I should point out that America is seeing the music trend hit the scene, but Australia has been playing the game so much longer.

The type of music I'm referring to is Electronic, which IS different from your traditional house or techno. You may be thinking "oh yeah, isn't that the crap Kanye West is 'experimenting' with nowadays?" Yes. But his is isn't what you would call "pure Electronic," given that his music is accompanied by rap. I like the guy's stuff, but I don't like his boasts of being 'All Originality.'

I've also noticed a complete different way of dancing. My moves on the dance floor do not consist of me appealing to the opposite sex by way of gyration and what Beyonce coined as "booty liscious." I find myself dancing more and more like my mother trying to get a few laughs from a few hand waves in front of the face. I used to call these spirit fingers, but now find myself calling them electro hands. Men also prefer to dance by bouncing up and down like a flamingo while belting the lyrics. This is one of my conclusions as to why Australian men are horrible when it comes to women. Here, it doesn't take much to be suave.

So I present a play list of some of the many tunes I've been opening my mind up to these few months. I hope to give you an introductory listen to Australia's music taste.

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