May 18, 2009

Pet Peeves

I often find myself overwhelmed by how many minor annoyances there are in this world. So much that it has become a general question in interviews. The pet peeve has been around longer than when we could name it, than again isn't everything?

One of my friends said that one of her pet peeves was boredom and I argued that boredom couldn't qualify as a legitimate pet peeve as it is an emotional state of mind. She begged to differ and I begged to to end the conversation as its endlessness was becoming a pet peeve of mine.

So I have concluded from my long list that my biggest pet peeve is sarcasm. Why may you ask? Because simple, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. One can change their tone of voice and you'll have it down to a T. I think British accents excel in this sarcastic tone. Not only is sarcasm the lowest form of wit, but I consider it to be rude in its complete mocking manner.

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