May 8, 2009

Mexican Influiesta

" You know the first person has died from swine flu in Australia?" my friend Brad asked me, who was staying for a couple days before heading to Bali. Lately a couple of other friends of mine had come down with some sort of bug and I remained unphased by this sudden epidemic. I turned to Brad in a chipper mood and responded plainly with, " really? " when what I wanted to point out was this new absurd obsession with swine flu that has been around for ages. Also I don't see the likelihood of me or my friends suddenly becoming infected with swine flu unless there are some secret 'amigos' from Mexico that visit regularly without my knowledge.

Yes, I am an American and should automatically be paranoid, but I wished people would take the news more lightly. So I took matter into my own hands and decided to cook my mom's famous burritos with an added ingredient....SWINE.

Inviting some close friends over for a Mexican Influiesta, we all had a great time listening to Santana and Shakira ( which I realize are both not from Mexico, but will be as close as I'll get for now), drinking Corona and lime with medical masks all at the serious expense of swine flu. We ended the party with a jalapeno eat off, which I'm sorry to say I came in second to my good friend Sebastian. Jalapenos seemed like a good idea at the time, but managed to spice up my life in a different way the next morning. Aside from this I realized that swine flu could be a positive thing because if I were some how miraculously catch it I know my friends would still hang around me. Well, maybe still sporting the medical masks.

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