May 8, 2009

Lumber Jack Fantasies

Stalking the mail man was an obsessive hobby of mine through high school, which I have now thankfully grown out of. My mom aided to this obsession with her compulsion of signing up for and receiving massive amounts of junk mail. Each day after school I would race home only to hover near the window waiting for the mail man to flick each item into each box. Any junk mail was appealing to me, but the Urban Outfitters catalog was gold and not for the beautiful over- priced woman's clothing, but the last five pages of cute, awkward men decked out in male geek attire. Cutting out my favorite ads I noticed a peculiar pattern- the men all appeared to have plaid shirts, large black rimmed glasses and massive amounts of facial hair. I now refer to it as the lumber jack affect. Men in sweater vests also have a warm place in my heart. I would also go to as many hockey games with my dad remaining indecisive as to which hockey player I would fantasize about more. As Hockey players tend to have a fair amount of lumber jack affect as well.

When I came across a column titled ' geek love' in Nylon's April issue it reminded me of my embarrassing crushes in middle school. I once had a crush on a boy in the same grade as I, a leader of math and history club, who coincidentally lived in the same neighborhood as I. In hopes of running into my crush I put on my roller blades and circled the neighborhood replaying geeky fantasies in my head. Now that I've confessed my infatuation with a certain breed of men I hope that you accept it (men especially).

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