May 8, 2009

The Appeal of A Single Vest

I've managed to find the perfect way to get a free drink wearing today's women's fashion trends, which usually never work on me. For the past year and a half the "woman vest" has graced the pages of every fashion magazine. Diane Keaton's worst dressed fashion sense has now *go figure* become the fashion to-do. The only difference between Diane and I is the vest's attraction to the same sex, rather than intelligent, paranoid jewish men.

I purchased this beautiful vest while walking through Gap before leaving for Aussi Land. The vest has now off-set it's purchased price with a free drink, a few winks, a couple of pick up lines and an offer to take me home ( which I had to of course gracefully turn down). After these events occurred , as much as I loved the sudden boost in confidence, I felt guilty for unintentionally taking advantage of a complete bar of Lesbian women from a single vest. I have official coined myself as a lesbian tease.

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