Apr 24, 2009

Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

In February my friends and I decided to head to Sydney for a Gay Mardi Gras experience. While bar hopping the town, (on the account that the receptionist gave us a stack of coupons to different pubs around the city, which we used to our full advantage) we 'stumbled' upon the MCA,museum center of arts. Being broke students realizing that this museum was free of entre plus the effects of free drinks in our system we found ourselves a little too overjoyed at this juncture.

To furthur contribute to our trip down the rabbit hole the main art exhibit was by Yayoi Kusama, a genius artist in the 60's, who's art work was created while on a combination of acid or shrooms. As we made our way up the elevator and reached the floor the double doors opened I felt as if I was in the circus hall of mirrors. Walking through the rest of her exhibit I began to notice a pattern. DOTS. She has an obsessive liking to dots. The more dots I saw the more I wanted to know the mind of this psychedelic lady. So reading into her obession of dots I learned that they represent the earth, the sun, or the moon. And her use of dots were to bring people back to the nature of the universe. Intriguing concept at that moment from my particular state of mind, but the further I went down the rabbit hole the buzz continued to wear off and I was convinced this women was insane in remarkabley good way.
Here is a video that sums up Yayoi Kusama: