Apr 25, 2009

Once More With....Animation?

Buffy's back to Sunnydale?
No you idiot that obviously wouldn't be possible since its been obliterated. But I could see how you would think that since Buffy never dies as long as there is Buffyverse. A BtVs animated series for kids, picking up in the beginning of the series, has been leaked onto the web to test drive before possibly being picked up. This is common of Joss Whedon to do because of his past Internet following of Dr. Horrible. The scubbies are back! All the original cast voices minus Sarah Michelle Gellar. Love her I do, but sometimes I think she needs to embrace Buffyverse a lil more often. Alyson Hannigan could find the time to voice the show besides the fact that she is now starring in the successful show How I Met Your Mother. Also congrats to Alyson for her new baby girl!Everything appears the same, cheesy dialogue and more: "There are things in the dark. Dark things." So I am happy to say that I will tame
my nerdy pleasures on Saturday morning watching
Buffy 'going through the motions' again in an animated version.

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