Nov 8, 2009

The Visitors

Watched a new drama series that aired Tuesday on ABC, which is not my usual choice of network. In fact it seems as if the only Networks that I feel worth tuning in to these days are FX, NBC, and HBO. Did a hard hit on the economy force networks to settle for lack luster shows? I will give props to a new form of Television that aired on FOX this season called Glee. I am now thankfully singing along to my television shows these days. Increasingly annoying my sister.

Anyways back to my original discussion, the name of the new show that aired this tuesday, is called V. I still have yet to learn what the exact meaning behind V means, but I took a guess that its short for visitors. Not your average kind of visitor, but the other worldly kind, such as aliens. While watching I tried to figure out the underlying metaphor, which my family constantly hates that I do and ruins their quality 'mindless' entertainment time. The visitors were not your average slimy beings, but looked like attractive humans. Their main leader is a beautiful black woman with nice cheekbones and a plan to heal humans of any health issues for no fee. As you can guess a majority of everyone is happy to receive these aliens with hardly any speculation at all in return of HOPE -are we getting the metaphor yet? ; )

The only thing upsetting about this is of course these aliens are a wolf in sheep's clothing and are planning to organize something evil on the world in the near future. Isn't that how every alien plot line go? All I have to say is that its a bold show that was obviously written by a devout Republican seeking a medicinal medium to hate on Obama's effort to restore health care. Honestly, I hate going into politics and this is the reason why I tune into scripted drama every week to escape the never-ending list of problems America has. I don't need someone sneakingly feeding me a political standpoint with a bunch of Aliens right now. Can't say how long this show will last but ABC sure put a lot of money into it, which is the case for any sci fi unless it airs on the actual sci fi channel. I didn't mean that last remark, I'm honestly a fan of the sci fi channel that changed its logo since I was last in the states. The network has decided to misspell the word and have shortened it to Sy Fy. In the philosophy of Obama, it needed a little change.

*Disclaimer: I am not making fun of the president in any way. I am only writing a review on the content of the ABC network show.

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