Oct 6, 2009

Jewish Muse

Loved seeing Bryan Sheffield's Photography in the issue of Nylon Men. Sifting through Bryan Sheffield's photography I envied how he captures a portrait, making it seem natural from the environment and lighting. The lighting seems to come from one point and fade into the photo, which makes your eyes appreciate what details are given of the subject. I'll Admit I would have never picked it up if Eli Roth wasn't his subject. Eli Roth is only the most sexy Jewish man I've ever seen...aside from a guy I met at a bar who wore a tailored grey-stripped suit and tie, with large rimmed black glasses along with his cute curly locks. I couldn't help but stare and he noticed, in which case I told him he was the cutest Jewish man I had ever seen. He awkwardly didn't know how to respond. I laughed and turned to my friend never seeing him again *dammit!*

Sorry got sidetracked there. Back to the 2nd cutest Jewish man...Eli Roth, as you probably know is the creator of the unfortunate Saw saga( don't you love how everyone now excessively uses this word circa the twilight craze? ) What I choose to know him for is the Bear Jew from Inglorious Basterds. If you haven't seen it, you have to NOW! I'm not saying it will change your live (unless you've had a Nazi revenge wish your whole life), but it will make you rethink what your favorite Tarantino film is. I advise bringing a boyfriend or girlfriend as there are plenty of opportunities for fondling when you cant take those gory scenes. ; )


starranise said...

Actually Eli Roth isn't responsible for the 'Saw' series. The series is based on a short film done by two RMIT students from Melbourne: James Wan and Leigh Whannell.

James Wan is Malaysian and Leigh Whannell is Australian and from what I gathered from IMDB, gay. Hahah. It's a pretty electic background considering the content of the film.

Eli Roth is, however, the director of Hostel, which I actually like. I couldn't stand 'Saw'. It's really weird too cos he has a hand in a lot of popular cult films alongside Tarantino, David Lynch and Richard Kelly. He's always been a bit of a mystery to me but thanks for initiating me looking him up. The guy went to Tisch and won a student Academy Award. Urghh. JEALOUS.

I Am Curious, Blogger said...

Thanks Starranise for your correction...should have known better seeing as I am studying in Australia. : /
I did know that Roth was involved with Hostel but couldnt convince my stomach to watch it and will convince it one day.