May 20, 2009

Non-Irreversible Viewing

After finishing a subject taught by the infamous Scott Knight, I tried to remain positive knowing that I will never be privileged to take another of his subjects. One of the very films we were required to view was Irreversible, which is by far one of the must hard-to-stomach films I've ever had to endure. In this fact alone, I am highly recommending it. The film begins with the annoying siren ringing and dizzy camera movements to prepare the audience for what they're in for.

While the whole film is initially disturbing, there is one scene in particular that causes me to turn to my friends in nervous reactive commentary. The scene in which I am referring to is an 8 minute one angle, still shot of a woman being brutally raped in a flickering red , drippy tunnel. Not only is the scene itself horrible, but the knowing anticipation of this scene with the film shot in reversed chronological order is unbearable.

Reaching the end of the film a quote appears on the screen: "Time Destroys All Things." Minutes after the credits roll all of my friends an I are basking in despair from the ironic truth of the quote in context of what we had just viewed. So whenever I'm in a depressed state-of-mind I turn to my friend and say: " Time Destroys All Things", in which she will know my current mood on life. The Siren ringing will always be embedded in my brain.

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