Apr 23, 2009

Ever felt like everyone takes your ideas?

I do. Let me explain my frustration...
After I finished reading the Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles,
I thought I would 'sink my teeth' into the Anita Blake Series since it resembled
my good friend Buffy minus the tan and blond hair.

To my surprise it was entertaining because it featured more than vampires,
and Anita tends to turn down vampires in the relationship department. I guess that means
I can't swoon over a circa Billy Idol, bleach blond Vampire with a stalker fetish *cough Spike cough* Oh well the on edge of your seat predicaments are entertaining enough for me at the moment.

So as I finished her first book in the series: Guilty Pleasures, I realized how great this would be to adapt into a television series. As I contemplated there was this realizing fact that at the time being there is a huge surge of vampire entertainment. I'm not going to name one obvious one that I hope you can eliminate, but there is also another Television series out by the great Alan Ball called True Blood. And if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it.

Looking at this list I decided I would wait until this frenzy died down before I willfully put myself in front of producers to pitch this jaw-dropping idea. Now here comes the beating. To my dismay I came across a concept document that presented this very idea and looking further into it, in complete shock, I found that a network had already agreed to pick it up. After I proceeded to freak out I than calmed down and remembered that I was a humble person. And that I will soon be able to watch another piece of vampire entertainment that... I THOUGHT OF!