Dec 23, 2009

We Were Once A Fairytale

When I heard that Spike Jonze made a short film staring Kanye West, I had to watch it because this combination resembled nothing similar to any material Spike has done in the past. The only rationale that I could come to was Jonze was Jonzing for his music video days in a short film version. When I started watching it I knew this wasn't anything I was getting. Of course the acting didn't seem as genuine as it could have been given that Kanye is not a professional actor, but he pulls it off nicely most likely using his own life as an inspiration. Although, Kanye was a dick for what he did to Taylor Swift which was probably a result of previous egotistical build up of fame hood. But I had a strong feeling that this was a way to deal with the demons that can be created when someone has a large amount of success.

Kanye, the artistic man that he is, wanted to display his own demons in a new medium- film. That's where Spike Jonze comes in. In the first 8 minutes of the film I don't recognize it as a Spike Jonze film, it seemed so stereotypical and a literal translation of Kanye's ego. I kept wanting to ask when is he going to punch the mirror and hate himself? But the ending was surprising and bold for Kanye to act out and also closer to a Spike Jonze style. So I would watch it just for the ending alone. Well you can assess it yourself:

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