Sep 24, 2009

Desperately Seeking...

As you can tell I have abandoned my medicinal writing for a long period of time. So I have given you a thoughtful list of my reasons for my leave of absence:

1. I needed a break. I mean I had just managed my way through knee surgery while simultaneously taking exams and passing all of them. It was a hefty stressful task.

2. Mon Ami's- End of semester always brings unwanted goodbyes and I had too many to count.

3. The sun came out. Always a good reason to get away from the computer.

4. Planning and Packing- yes. Its true I was leaving to go home to Las Vegas after living in Australia for a year and that takes some decent planning. Which I am now thankfully safely and soundly home. Although not soundly since my mother loves to breathe down my neck.

5. Finally my never ending search for a job that is still never ending, as we speak. I think I have managed to send 60 resumes in the past 3 weeks with no response. Does no one return emails out of decency nowadays? I did send my resume to a film location scout in Vegas who nicely responded to me and ensured he would get back to me in the case that there was any help needed. I cross my fingers on that one. So if any of you are reading this and can offer something, please email me. : )

6. Therapy- I am now doing physical therapy on my knee that in the long term has helped a great deal. I have Steve to thank for that one.

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