Jun 5, 2009

Monthly Swoon

I am not a huge fan of Star Trek, but find it more watchable than its equal nerdy friend Star Wars. Mainly, for its ability to not take itself too seriously. When I was 13, the highlight of new entertainment in Vegas (where I lived at the time) was the Star Trek Experience ride at the Hilton. So of course I had to experience this amazing ride for myself. Leaving with my friends and their family without a care in the world I freaked when I walked into a large room recreated to look like a scene out of Star Trek with crazy space creatures walking around. After a good ol' trekky time I arrived home to my mom in hysterical tears wondering where the hell I had been and had gone to report a missing child to the police. Of course as soon as my dad returned home he took my mom's whole dramatic explanation a little less dramatic as my mom had. I have to admit she was probably concerned that I had actually followed through to my many threats of running away from home, which I actually failed to succeed doing later on.

So upon watching the film. I nearly jizzed in my pants when Spock appeared on screen with his pointy ears, over plucked eyebrows and perfectly pronounced large vocabulary. Zachary Quinto plays this spacey hotness, who is more known for the bad guy roll in Heroes.

What about captain Kurk do you ask? He was not doing it for me with the typical bad ass persona and the chiseled jawline. I would like to point out- who was the one who gets the girl in the end? Point taken. I realize that might have been done for the majority of the Star Trek fan base. But I'm all for nerds ruling the universe and getting all the chicks in the end because isn't that what happens in the real world?

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