May 4, 2009

Obama Nation

I think that America has finally redefined the term celebrity and gone back to the good ol' days when the president was a celebrity. Waiting in the grocery check out line between pondering whether or not to purchase watermelon, I glanced at the gossip mags or what I like to call them low IQ mags. What I saw to my surprise was a candid photo of Barrack Obama next to a photo of Lindsey Lohan looking unsurprisingly skeletor labeled in bold as: "Lindsey's Diet Secrets".
Deciding against watermelon I had a harder question to fathom. Am I more disturbed by the fact that both of these images would even be near each other or happy that Gossip freaks have finally decided to put their energies into someone important? Thinking it over I decided I was happy because I'd rather see a new generation of wannabe teenage politician's than wannabe teenage coke fiends. So to sedate this new generations obsession with Obama here is a website for your disposal: I HEART OBAMA

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