Apr 26, 2009

Queen and Fine Wine

In between debating with two friends of mine whether rubbing eucalyptus oil on my face would be a good or bad idea before fondling a koala, we decided to form a wine connoisseurs club. This was in part of the fact that we could not tell the difference in taste between a sauvignon and a chardonnay while perusing the liquor store. We then came upon an agreement to make a legit wine tasting club for the love of wine and cheese. We decided to name ourselves Fine Taste Connoisseurs Club or what I like to call it, the FTCC. Needless to say the club turned into a parody of New England yuppies with a love of Queen music (who would have thought to combine the two?). Club lasted three meetings and we all went our separate ways. In that time being I did learn a few things that I would love to share about wine:

Words to describe the taste of wine

-amabile: friendly, gentle, slightly sweet *Wine can truly be your best friend *

-austocratico: wine from the finest grapes, vintage, soil, and winemakers.

-balanced: A perfect harmony of yin(acidity) and yang(fruity). *need to check my shakra after this*

-black currants: The classic aroma of cabernet sauvignon

-buttery: refers to the texture and "mouth feel" of the wine.

-carezzevole: Caressing, flowing, like hair. *I might have heard this word used by horny italian men in Italy to describe me*

-complex: multi-dimensional

-generoso: Easy to appreciate; rich in flavor, extract, and alchol

-rotondo: no rough edges; mellow and full

-silky: smooth

-stoffa: The right stuff; big, lush complex wines with a strong finish.

-supple: forth coming, easy to enjoy

-velvety: "silky," only richer

-zing: crisp acidity in white wines

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